About Us


Apparel Marketing was founded over 20 years ago by an industry expert who realized that the service we provide was desperately needed. Many manufacturers simply couldn’t find the right sales reps to sell their line successfully.

We now have a presence in every market of the country and a roster of highly diversified clients. They range from both brand new start-up companies to two hundred million dollar industry leaders.

Our President, Garrett Wetzler, is a hands-on individual who came up the ranks of the apparel industry. He understands the nuances and subtleties of our industry. Garrett personally travels to the various markets and conducts the searches for the reps. He knows first hand how difficult it is to find the right apparel rep, but he is able to use his 25 years fashion experience and his vast knowledge of the best reps in the country to be sure that a client is satisfied. Many of our clients rely on Garrett’s advice and counsel regarding nearly any aspect of our business.

Our goal is for our client to achieve sales success and to be totally satisfied.

Our philosophy is, to be honest, loyal and flexible.



  • Run by experts
  • All product categories covered
  • Work in a showroom in every market
  • One time fee
  • Generous guarantee
  • Reps paid on a commission basis only
  • Client profile for each client
  • A long list of references

Garrett Wetzler