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Yes, you can find good sales reps.

We introduce manufacturers in the fashion industry
to the right apparel sales reps
in all the major markets of the USA.

                 What We Do

              Our company represents apparel manufacturers from all over the world that are looking for the best apparel sales reps.
              We've been in business since 1990 and have a multifaceted client list. Our clients include very established companies as
              well as startup firms that are interested in improving their sales. They are in men's, women's, children's and accessories
              in all price categories.

                WORK IN EACH MARKET: We work in a very unique way. We travel to every market and meet with the reps periodically.
              We show your line to the reps by emailing them your line sheets or showing them your website and then we conduct in
              depth interviews with each rep. We only recommend reps to you who are seriously interested in representing you.
              We know all of the best reps in every territory.

                CLIENT PROFILE: We prepare a complete "client profile" so that we have all the information necessary to answer all the
              reps questions and represent you properly. Your agreement with the rep is between you and the independent apparel
              sales reps. We will, however, advise you about anything you need to know when dealing with a fashion sales rep
              organization. With about 25 years experience in the fashion industry we can answer all your questions and consult
              with you free of charge.

                GUARANTEE: We have a very liberal guarantee. If for any reason you are not pleased with a rep, we will conduct additional
              searches to replace the rep as often as necessary for a period of a year at no additional cost. You keep the rep forever.

                FEES: We have a very reasonable one-time fee which usually translates to about 1% of sales the first season or the first
              year depending on the size of your company. Our fee is paid when you hire us. There are absolutely no other charges.
              We start our work immediately, set up appointments, travel, show your line to the reps etc. Our fee becomes a very
              small percentage of sales and is usually covered by the first couple of orders.

                COMMISSIONS: Salesmen work on a commission basis. Their commissions are due by the end of the next month following
               shipping. Sometimes there may be a small showroom fee. Basically you are paid by the store before you pay commissions.

                CREDIT AND TERMS: You can check your own credit or use a factor. Good clothing sales reps sell to good accounts,
              which is one reason why you must have the best fashion sales agent. Most accounts these days are paying in advance
              by credit card or some may ask for terms of net 30.

                QUESTIONS and REFERENCES: If you are interested in learning more about our services and our fees, please let us
              know and we will be happy to answer all your questions and discuss with you in detail what we have done for our
              various clients. If you ultimately wish to hire us, we will, of course, send you a complete proposal.

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