For nearly 30 years, the Apparel Marketing Group, has been connecting the top sales representatives with the leading clothing manufacturers in the country. Garrett Wetzler, President of the Apparel Marketing Group and a veteran of the fashion industry, saw a need that was not being met: manufacturers weren’t getting the best salespeople to represent and sell their clothing lines.

Although similar business models exist, no other company does what the Apparel Marketing Group does. Wetzler does not merely provide a database of sales reps for clothing manufactures. His company is unique in that it has fine-tuned the nuanced relationships between clothing manufactures and independent sales reps. And when a client works with the Apparel Marketing Group, they aren’t just getting a sales rep, they’re hiring Mr. Wetzler himself.

Having worked as a salesman, a manager, and a president of a major company in the fashion industry, Garrett is more than just a sales expert; he’s a fashion expert, thus enabling him to work from the perspective of both the client and the sales rep. “Other companies put sales reps together, but many have never hung up a hanger,” explains Wetzler. Wetzler employs a hands-on approach and makes a point of personally visiting the various markets and rigorously vetting every new sales rep. He is equipped with strong relationships with the best apparel sales reps in the country, a broad understanding of the current market, and decades of experience in fashion and sales.

Mr. Wetzler carefully hand-picks the right sales reps for each brand and guarantees that each individual rep is passionate about the clothing brand they represent. When finding the right sales rep for a client, Wetzler creates a client profile, a comprehensive questionnaire that reviews every little detail about the clothing manufacturers, their brand, and their sales needs.

The Apparel Marketing Group’s success with clients is largely defined by the meaningful, lasting relationships between the apparel sales reps and the manufacturers. Sales reps aren’t even considered without possessing the following attributes: enthusiasm, a positive personality, sales experience, a strong work ethic, and a thorough understanding of their territories, clients, and the fashion industry as a whole.

Headquartered in Westchester County, the Apparel Marketing Group operates all over the country, with sales professionals in all the leading markets including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. The Apparel Marketing Group works with every type of client from small startups to multi-million dollar companies and represents all clothing categories including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. ’