The question “what do you look for when hiring a sales rep?” is one Garrett Wetzler, founder and President of the Apparel Marketing Group takes very seriously. The process of finding the best sales reps in the industry is one he has refined over the last several decades and he makes a point of sharing his findings with other business leaders, specifically in the apparel industry. Apparel Marketing Group is focused on pairing top sales reps with clothing manufactures all across the country. But before setting up a sales rep with a new client, he ensures the sales rep possesses the following characteristics:

Not only do the Apparel Marketing Group sales reps possess an innate passion for sales, they are enthusiastic about and committed to the specific clothing manufacturers they represent. Apparel Marketing Group works tirelessly to make sure an apparel company gets a sales rep that is best-suited to fit their specific, unique sales needs. Wetzler’s extensive client questionnaire allows him to provide sales reps with a detailed overview of the brand, the sales needs, and the long-term vision of your company. Only after careful assessment of both the rep and the manufacturer, is the sales rep matched with the manufacturer.

Industry Know-How
Passion is huge but it’s not the only ingredient that fuels a successful sales rep. The reps of Apparel Marketing Group know their stuff and back it up with a proven track record. They know their markets, they know their accounts, they know exactly what they’re selling and how to sell it. And how? It doesn’t come down to their sales expertise alone. They know what they’re doing and what they’re selling because of the unbreakable relationships they build with their clients. They know their clients and their products as much as they know the industry.

A Work Ethic
A successful sales rep does not get to where they are without a strong work ethic. The sales reps that work with the Apparel Marketing Group work on commission, which is to say these are men and women who get paid to get stuff done. When an Apparel Marketing Group represents your clothing company’s brand, they are there to sell your products, meet your sales goals, and bring in more revenue for your company.